How it works

Step 1
Choose a style

Choose a base style from our catalog

Step 2
Design in 3D

Currently available features:

- Upload images, scale move and rotate
- Select a color
- Choose lace color

Coming soon:

- Colorways
- Custom branding
- Logos and stitching

Step 3
Order samples

Order a discounted sample to trial the product and show it off to your audience

Sell on

Wondering how you'll get paid?

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Common questions

1. What happens when a customer places an order?
When you make a sale, we will process the order immediately. The shoes gets sent into production, and after it passes our Quality Control, we pack and deliver directly to your customer. Focus on growing your brand while we take care of the rest.
2. How do I get paid?
Every 1st of the month we process mass payouts to designers who have made sales for the cumulative sales made in the previous month. For example, all shoes sold during the month of April will be paid out on May 1.

Check your payouts tab in your store page for your most up-to-date sales summary.
3. Is it free to use?
Absolutely free, 100%. We're in this together, we only make money when you make a sale.
4. How many styles will be available to design on?
We're currently working on getting our boat shoes and high tops modeled and available on the platform. From casual to active footwear, we will be constantly adding new shoe styles to our catalog for your imagination to play with.

Have suggestions for what style you would like to be available next? Or just want to say hurry up? Email
5. How do I sell on kanvakicks?
When you create a design on kanvakicks, your design will appear in your store and we automatically create a product page for your newly designed shoe. From here, the choice is yours, you can;

1. Make your design public to offer your shoes on kanvakicks marketplace to that product page. Share the product page link with your customers to direct customers to your newly designed shoes for purchasing.

2. If you have integrated your online stores to kanvakicks, list your newly designed shoes on your online store.